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Helping the Benchmade Knife Company stay sharp

Posted in Company Highlights on June 25, 2009 by Peter

Benchmade Knife Company is one of Mobile Precision’s biggest customers.  They’re also a little different in that their products are directly sold to the general public.  Many of our customers build something that’s part of something else you buy:  A cooling unit for a computer motherboard, for instance.  However, with Benchmade, what they make is what you get.

You can find Benchmade at, although you’ll have to create an account to view the site.  Or, you can go to one of the cutlery specialists located in Portland-area malls and see the knives close up.  They are considered some of the best knives anywhere.  Mobile Precision Tool Service is happy to keep their tools accurate so their knives stay sharp.

P.S.  Benchmade knives are also popular with law enforcement and military personnel.


Dexter Design: A Personal Favorite

Posted in Company Highlights, Tool Tips on May 19, 2009 by Peter

Dexter Design and Development, Incorporated is a precision machine shop in Hillsboro, Oregon.  They’re just the kind of customer we love at MPTS, for several reasons.  First, they have excellent tool control (meaning they know where all their tools are, and have them ready for us); second, they keep their tools in good shape, which means we rarely have to adjust their tools or repair them.  Third, they pay their bills, which is a great comfort.  Fourth, they make really cool stuff.  It’s always fun to see what they’re up to when we pay them our semi-annual visit.

A company that takes care of the nuts and bolts of business, whether the quality of its products or the integrity of its relationships, is worth holding on to.  Dexter Design does things right, and we’re proud to be affiliated with them.  Give them a click, right here:

SJ Precision Machining

Posted in Company Highlights on April 24, 2009 by Peter

This week saw MPTS at a specialty job shop in Beaverton, taking care of Stephen Siegel’s tools.  Steve and Jerry go back some thirty years.  Jerry did the tools for the shops Steve worked in prior to creating SJ Precision.  Or if he wasn’t doing a shop’s tools, Steve had them call MPTS and get them done.  We’re grateful to him for his loyalty and business over the years.

SJ Precision is different from a lot of shops.  Instead of laying people off when things get slow, Steve hires them when things speed up, on a job-by-job basis.  It’s a creative business model that minimizes overhead while maximizing the variety of jobs SJ Precision can accept.  Check them out at:

Thank you, Forest Medical Supply

Posted in Company Highlights on April 17, 2009 by Peter

MPTS just finished the tools for Forest Medical’s dental division.  They make the really nice chairs that are the best part of visiting a dentist’s office (what other type of doctor gives you a motorized recliner?)  They also make all the lights and attachments that go along with the chair — even an attachment for a computer monitor.

Vice President Jeff Bunker was kind enough to let us tour their factory floor, and provided the pictures for a few different models.  La-Z-Boy could learn a few things from Forest Dental Supply.  Here’s their web site:

Thank you, Equipment Repair Services

Posted in Company Highlights on April 3, 2009 by Peter

This week saw us in Northeast Portland at a job shop that focuses on, as its name succinctly puts it, equipment repair. They can handle large hydraulic units, as well as general CNC work and manual milling and turning.  MPTS is now in its fourth year of calibration and repair for ERS.

More can be learned by giving them a call at: (503) 283-7725.ers-74

Say hello to Big Sky Precision

Posted in Company Highlights on March 25, 2009 by Peter

Although we specialize in door-to-door service, MPTS also accepts work that comes to us from outside the Portland/Vancouver area via the Post Office or other long-distance carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc).  Big Sky Precision definitely falls in that category:  They’re located in Manhattan, Montana (occasionally known to its inhabitants as the Little Apple).

Big Sky Precision specializes in two widely divergent fields:  Quick-release fasteners, and custom wristwatches.  Check out for the former, and these two sites for the latter: and  MPTS is proud to be involved with this innovative company.

We’ll be back next week with more news.

Our thanks to Allied Systems

Posted in Company Highlights on March 19, 2009 by Peter

In the last few weeks we completed calibration and repairs for Allied Systems in Sherwood, Oregon.  Allied Systems makes cranes of various types for military and construction applications.  They’ve been in business for many decades, and we’ve been doing their tools for over ten years.   You can find out more here:  Thank you, Allied, for being a great customer.MPTS at AlliedAllied Crane