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Welcome EMI-Vocus

Posted in Uncategorized on November 23, 2010 by Peter

Mobile Precision has been very busy the last few months, but we finally have a little breathing space to catch up on the news.  That news is a new customer, EMI-Vocus (, a company providing equipment and services to the high-tech and semiconductor industries.  You’ll find out everything you need to know at their web site, but what we’ll focus on in this update is how EMI-Vocus became aware of Mobile Precision:  Word of mouth.

John Holtz, formerly the owner of Vocus, joined forces with EMI and took on the responsibilities of Director of Operations for the merged companies.  A number of EMI employees had had their tools calibrated by MPTS before, and suggested our services to Mr. Holtz.  He took their advice, and the result is a new relationship between EMI-Vocus and MPTS, built on the foundation of an established customer.

Our thanks to the EMI people who recommended MPTS, and to Mr. Holtz, who acted on their recommendation.  We look forward to handling the calibration needs of EMI-Vocus in the years to come.