Straddling 2009 and 2010

Mobile Precision finished 2009 calibrating tools for two very different companies:  Bench Made Knife and Integrated Power Services.   Bench Made showed us a very cool extreme-duty knife, the Infidel, a double-action knife whose blade comes straight out of the handle instead of flipping open.  Check it out under the “Black Class” product line at

Integrated Power Services doesn’t make knives.  Their focus is on specialized industrial equipment; really big specialized industrial equipment.   They build, repair, and modify electric motors, and nearly anything attached to them.  For instance, when we were there at the end of December, they were refurbishing a 70,000-pound drive shaft that attaches to a hydroelectric turbine for a dam in Montana.  The picture will save a thousand words.   Equipment this big needs big tools to measure it, and Integrated has some of the largest mandrel mics MPTS does: 54 inches.   Integrated is also one of our oldest customers:  Over 30 years and counting.  We thank them for their loyalty.   Click to find out more.


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