Ran-Bro Tool Company: Hard-headed production

Ran-Bro Tool Co. is another machine shop MPTS does tools for twice a year.  Like a lot of shops, there’s usually something interesting going on there.  This time around, for instance, Ran-Bro machinists were finishing up the molds for protective head-gear.  And not just any head-gear.   If you’ve ever seen a movie or documentary show about modern aircraft carriers, you’ve also seen the helmets worn by the deck crew.  That’s what the molds were for:  To make the basic shell around which and inside of which all the equipment fits to help the crew do their job.

Life may be like a box of chocolates for some people.  But when life is like a machine shop, it’s even more fun.

MPTS begins work for Bench Made Knife on December 8.  Watch for posts here, and check out the correction to the previous Bench Made post, which was sent in by delacombo.  Thank you for setting us straight.


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