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A Flurry of Activity

Posted in 1 on September 17, 2009 by Peter

It’s been quite a while since we had any updates to blog about here.   But, in the last three weeks, MPTS has been at several different companies.  First up is a new customer, Bridge City Steel.  They are a general metal-working shop whose website, though sparse, will direct you to the all-important sales department:  MPTS thanks BCS for their business, and we’ll be back there in six months.

Next is Quality Bending and Fabrication, now into their second year of calibration with MPTS.  QB&F is bucking the current economic trend by expanding their fabrication into a popular Oregon industry:  Wind turbines.  They’re concentrating on units as little as ten or twelve feet in diameter for local, on-the-grid commercial and industrial businesses.  They even have a design fitted for cell phone towers.  Everything except the blades are built right in their Tualatin facility.  We’re excited to see Quality Bending grow, and proud to help them maintain their quality and standards.

Then there’s Eastman Plastics, an injection molding company in southeast Beaverton (one of Portland’s suburbs).  They’re also new to MPTS, and you can find them at  Our thanks to Glen and everyone at Eastman, and we look forward to seeing you next year.

Finally, one of our largest customers:  Allied Systems Company.   They were the first company profiled here, and we do their tools each March and September.  That means you’ll see them spotlighted here regularly.  For now, we’ll just provide their web site,, and our thanks for being a loyal customer over the years.