Helping the Benchmade Knife Company stay sharp

Benchmade Knife Company is one of Mobile Precision’s biggest customers.  They’re also a little different in that their products are directly sold to the general public.  Many of our customers build something that’s part of something else you buy:  A cooling unit for a computer motherboard, for instance.  However, with Benchmade, what they make is what you get.

You can find Benchmade at, although you’ll have to create an account to view the site.  Or, you can go to one of the cutlery specialists located in Portland-area malls and see the knives close up.  They are considered some of the best knives anywhere.  Mobile Precision Tool Service is happy to keep their tools accurate so their knives stay sharp.

P.S.  Benchmade knives are also popular with law enforcement and military personnel.


4 Responses to “Helping the Benchmade Knife Company stay sharp”

  1. delacombo Says:

    FYI- you don’t have to create an account to view Not sure where you were trying to go…

    • Delacombo is correct: No account is necessary to access the Bench Made catalogs. The original post was written quite a while back, and I believe you needed an account at the time to see everything they had available. Thanks for helping to keep things updated.


  2. I prefer going to the store and being able to see the knife in-person and handle it etc and then shopping for the best price online. Why don’t you do affiliate sales?

    • Mobile Precision only does calibration services for Benchmade, not distribution or sale of their knives. They do have an outlet at their facility in Oregon City, where you can check out their stock. The address is 300 Beavercreek Road, Oregon City, OR 97045. Or you can call them at 503-655-6004 and ask for dealer locations.

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