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Helping the Benchmade Knife Company stay sharp

Posted in Company Highlights on June 25, 2009 by Peter

Benchmade Knife Company is one of Mobile Precision’s biggest customers.  They’re also a little different in that their products are directly sold to the general public.  Many of our customers build something that’s part of something else you buy:  A cooling unit for a computer motherboard, for instance.  However, with Benchmade, what they make is what you get.

You can find Benchmade at, although you’ll have to create an account to view the site.  Or, you can go to one of the cutlery specialists located in Portland-area malls and see the knives close up.  They are considered some of the best knives anywhere.  Mobile Precision Tool Service is happy to keep their tools accurate so their knives stay sharp.

P.S.  Benchmade knives are also popular with law enforcement and military personnel.